for Ro

birth announcement card for my baby daughter Ro.


the BFG, Roald Dahl

My contribution to the project DoeDeMee, where 100 artists were invited to redesign book covers for The Observer’s list of 100 greatest novels of all time. Profits of sales will go to an ongoing fight against illiteracy. More information can be found on facebook and you can buy the posters on wallcandy.be


new member of the family...

this beautiful creature was made by my lovely colleague elien from stuff-ED. visit her etsy shop! pic by beshart


work in progress

for our book cover project doedemee.


new business cards


happy sunday...

...and still in the mood for django reinhardt records.


happy saturday (2)

drinking coffee and playing django reinhardt records.


a gift from bora...

...i love her fabrics and patterns! Now I have to fiend someone with a sewing machine!

happy saturday


beshart is looking for 100 creatives...

...to re-do a cover from the top 100 novels of all time (the observer - 2003). all project info can be found on doedemee.be, but to get you all excited here's what it is about in short:
beshart is launching an open international call for artists to re-interpret all of the 100 book covers featured in the list mentioned above. the works will be turned into posters (postcards, ...) and profits of sales will go to an organisation fighting illiteracy. are you in?


new shoes...

...for my daughter, she will reach the age of one next week on valentine' s day!


sunny day


free font!

download it here


new friend

another nice gift from new york from griet. too bad there's no label on it from the artist. i 'm always curious what other nice things they create and sell.


nice record sleeve from 1963

found it in a second hand store for 1 euro.


birthday boxes

for my niece and nephew

happy 2012!